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The Ways to and Uses of DNA Extraction and Testing

Today we see much usefulness in the extraction and testing of DNA. One area where this is very useful is in criminal investigations where DNA evidence is an accurate tool for identifying the criminal with accuracy. If a child wants to know who his real father or mother is, then DNA paternity or maternity testing can be sued. To learn more about DNA Testing, visit DNA products. Some other uses of DNA testing are to determine whether two individuals are full sibling or half siblings. You can also use it to test your origins and your genealogy through DNA ancestry testing.

DNA samples are acquired from individuals who needed to be tested for whatever purpose they will be tested for. They use the method of DNA fingerprinting to analyze and compare two samples of DNA extracted from two individuals. If the individuals are identical twins, then the DNA extracted from them has identical DNA sequences. Otherwise, every other individual will have a very unique DNA seque3nce. And because of this uniqueness, it is very easy to identify the relationship between individuals and identify other things related to that individual.

Our cells have a very long DNA chain. Most of people's DNA is the same in several parts but there is a particular sequence in the DNA that is unique to every individual. DNA focuses on parts of the DNA chain which differs in every individual.

This is why DNA testing has been improved. Now, smaller samples can be used from this unique parts of the DNA chain to be able to conduct DNA testing. Before, it was important to extract drops of blood to test DNA. Today, with technological advancement, DNA can be extracted from things that have been used by certain individuals like the glass where one drank, the licked stamp, hair samples, etc. We have seen this in forensic activities in TV shows which shows them using cotton swabs to life DNA from glasses, and other items used by individuals if not swabbing in inner parts of their mouths.To learn more about DNA Testing, click ChIP kit. From these samples, the individual's DNA can be extracted and identified.

In order to extract DNA from the cell, the cell has to be unlocked. Cell walls are dissolved by using detergent, and the proteins in the cells are digested by enzymes. This then will enable the DNA to be purified and isolated, and then tested.

DNA testing is called short tandem repeats. As we have already mentioned, human DNA is simply composed of several regions of sequences that repeat itself. This method is proven to give very accurate DA results. There is very little chance to be mistaken in this. Learn more from

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